War On Machines?

Juicebox25 about 11 years ago

Has this tune been making an appearance on this tour? One of my favorites from Furr, just curious. Really stoked for the show on Friday, will be my first...

Music Saves about 11 years ago

That was actually the one song from Furr they didn't play this time around, at least at the second Chicago show a few weeks ago. Don't know if they've been rotating tracks or not on this tour, maybe you'll hear it, good luck!

walkinjingle about 11 years ago

I was totally hoping to hear "War on Machines" when BT played Denver this past week, but no luck. I was going to yell it out when they came back on for an encore, but they never did. Another bummer. Still a great show, though.

triscuitbiscuit about 11 years ago

Question: Does anybody know the lyrics (and possibly chords for this song)? I can't really understand a lot of the lyrics. Thanks!

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