Outdoor Show in Chicago in July

rc almost 9 years ago


B Trapp is on the schedule for Wicker Park Fest in Chicago either July 23 or 24, the fest website doesnt specify which date. WOOT! Thanks for coming! Yea!!!

Do you know which date yet? Also, I dont want to get greedy, but might there be a chance of a club show as well while you all are in the vicinity?

jeglican almost 9 years ago

Where would one get tickets anyways?

orienteering almost 9 years ago

You don't need tickets for Wicker Park fest; it's a neighborhood street fest so you just show up, pay $5, and get in for the day. I'm guessing there'll be a lot of people, of course, so it may be necessary to show up earlier while other bands are playing to get a decent spot. 

jeglican almost 9 years ago

oh man, I may need to take a road trip down then!

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