Newport Set List

flyguy about 10 years ago

Newport, KY Southgate House 10/14/2009

Sleepytime In The Western World
God And Suicide
Stolen Shoes And A Rifle
Wild Mountain Nation
Canyon's Edge
Gold For Bread
Love U
Silver Moon


Country Rain
Not Your Lover
Black River Killer
Lady On The Water
Going Down
Fire And Fast Bullets
Big Black Bird
Devil's A-Go-Go

The Last Thing On My Mind

We had a great time last night and the band was spot on; the harmonies couldn't sound better. It was great meeting Michael; he spent about ten minutes talking to us about this and that before the show. I wasn't sure about the title of the song after the break, so any help or corrections with my take on the evening are welcome. Marty?

Band Member
marty about 10 years ago

The song you weren't sure about is Country Rain from Field Rexx. And we ended the set with Devil's A-Go-Go, not Murder Babe. The encore was a Tom Paxton song called Last Thing On My Mind.

flyguy about 10 years ago

Thanks for the help, Marty! I made the corrections...

blakedrury about 10 years ago

Awesome show! You guys are unbelievable live.

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