Jaw Harp

jeglican about 8 years ago

In one song in American Goldwing (i forget which one but I think its Street Fighting Sun) near the end theres obviously a jaw harp playing somewhere in the music.  I was wondering who played it and how they picked it up?

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michael.james about 8 years ago

Eric played that line, he's the mountain music master. I think I will be playing it live on tour though. An incredibly easy instrument to pick-up - professional models are tuned to specific keys like harmonicas, and more sturdy than the novelty versions. In this case, I think we tuned the tape to whatever key that jaw harp was in, I think it was D.

elgallo about 8 years ago

Hi Michael


I couldn't log on the regular forum so I'm posting here. I was told a month ago to remind you guys to get the photo pass for the Belly Up show tomorrow night. My name is Gabriel Seri.



elgallo about 8 years ago

By the way I dig the jaw harp too! 

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