Complete list of BT tunes?

kokohi5 about 7 years ago

Is there an up to date complete list anywhere? I saw the post from over a year ago of "100 songs", but I know it's missing a few.

gatorbutts about 7 years ago

Here's the one I created some time back (and revised not long after):

kokohi5 about 7 years ago

That's the one I was going off of. Is that "officially" everything? I think maybe the only thing I have that's not on that list is Treasure like someone else mentioned, of course that's not technically on an album.

Thanks for putting that list together by the way! Some of those I hadn't heard of before. It'd be cool if they had some kind of chornological list of everything on the web site (not just in the forum) including the origins (from what album/session, how many versions, etc.) for those of us completists/BT addicts.

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