Blitzen Trapper in The Beardcore Manifesto

americanpolymath over 10 years ago


Blitzen Trapper is featured prominently in the most important essay written about American music all week, "The Beardcore Manifesto."

nooneastern over 10 years ago

honestly, it's been stuff like this lately that makes me want to shave OFF my beard for the first time in 12 years....also i think any real fan of both beards & Byrds would prefer the work (and look) of Gene Parsons over either Gene Clark or Gram Parsons...

fun article overall though

spikewilbury over 10 years ago

Interesting article. I've always heard the term beardcore used to describe the newer Georgia based metal bands: Mastodon, Baroness, Kylesa, Torche.

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