Jun 09


Variety Playhouse

Atlanta, GA
w/ The Moondoggies
  1. Black River Killer
  2. Laughing Lover
  3. Fire & Fast Bullets
  4. God & Suicide
  5. Love and Hate
  6. Destroyer of the Void
  7. Evening Star
  8. Not Your Lover
  9. Below The Hurricane
  10. Lady on the Water
  11. Silver Moon
  12. The Tree
  13. The Man Who Would Speak True
  14. Furr
  15. Sleepytime in the Western World
  16. Dragon's Song
  17. Sadie
  18. Wild Mountain Nation
  19. Heaven and Earth
  20. Country Caravan
  21. Big Black Bird
Tiny indied about 8 years ago

Great show! I'm pretty sure I know everything that was played, just not the order. If anyone can order them below, please do. I know it was quite similar to that posted for The Aquarium show. From Destroyer of the Void: everything except Lover Leave Me Drowning and The Tailor. From Furr: Sleepytime in the Western World, Furr, God & Suicide, Fire & Fast Bullets, Black River Killer, Not Your Lover, Lady on the Water. From the BRK EP: (in addition to BRK) Silver Moon, Big Black Bird. From WMN: Wild Mountain Nation and Country Caravan.

Tiny indied about 8 years ago

A very nice review here: http://waronpop.blogspot.com/2010/06/blitzen-trapper-6910-at-variety.html , with full setlist.

Btdefault waronpop almost 8 years ago

thanks for the link! This was the fourth time seeing BT and they never cease to impress!